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Big Pharma Hates These Natural Ingredients That Go To War On Aches, Pains and Inflammation 
Posted on August 28th, 2018
These natural foods can do wonders for those suffering discomfort and pains
I wasn't too long ago I suffered from horrendous pain it was so bad that I was at the point that I didn't even feel comfortable enough like going for a walk with my daughters or grocery shopping.

No matter what I tried, it seemed only temporarily relief could be achieved, there had to be a better way, a natural way.

I tried many pills, creams and medications, they helped for a while but the side-effects were just far to much to function in daily life, at work, at home or even relaxing, it became a trade off. They would take care of some pain relief  of my pain and inflammation only to have a new spot spring up or the "spacey head" feeling made it tough to do even the simplest of tasks like writing a cheque or even using the computer.

Acupuncture, chiropractors and physiotherapists were next on the list, they did help but it became a regular occurrence to visit, very time and energy consuming and I just wanted to be independent without depending on appointments, prescription pills and specialists to deal with my pain and inflammation.

Being the stubborn person that I am, I started researching natural and alternative ways to alleviate pain and inflammation, whether it's back pain, knee pain, arthritis, inflammations, joint pain, there is hope!

The First miracle herb, some call a spice that I started to experiment with is Turmeric it's an amazing root herb that tackles the toughest of inflammation, best to take in it's natural none powder form, can be added to many dishes like stir fries and soaps.

The Second is healthy fatty foods with omegas, mainly Fish and Avocados, omega 3 fatty acids help fight inflammation, if you're going to go for fish, make sure it's organic and none factory farmed. 

Next is Garlic, garlic is from the allium family it contains "diallyl disulfide" a natural compound that helps limit cartilage damaging, it's great for those suffering with Arthritis.

The last natural food I would recommend is Tart Cherries, there can been numerous studies done, one in 2013 that showed that subjects who drank Tart Cherry juice had improvements both in the pain and stiffness of osteoporosis.

Adding these foods in your daily diet can make a tremendous difference in how you feel along with vitamin C, antioxidants and regular exercise you're on the fast tract back to a normal life. 

These are great, but if you want something powerful and effective, yet still natural, that you can feel almost instantly sign up for my newsletter and I will send you my Secret Anti-Inflammation Pain Relief recipe. 

It is totally free, my gift to you and it's so simple to make and all the ingredients are none expensive, they can even be found at your local grocery store, all you need is a pot to boil the ingredients.

This worked for me and also has helped for my husband's arthritis who nags me to make "that feel good tea" for him. 

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